Whether it is morning breath, garlic mouth or chronic sewer breath, it's never pleasant once you are on the receiving end of breath gone bad. For any one who has experienced the fowl aroma of the's stinky breath, we certainly don`t want to be the one with it. Candida is an often overlooked cause of this condition.

Herbal remedies for fresh breath: Anise seeds and parsley are the two best herbal treatments for bad breath. While we often reach for a mint after dinner to fight off garlic breath or what ever other food of concern we ate, the parsley on the plate is much better at ending unpleasant breath. Anise seeds come from a plant that is cousins with parsley. The main difference is you chew the seeds instead of the leaves. These are powerful breath fresheners and should be used when ever food is a concern with how your mouth smells afterwards.

Kitchen remedies that fight fowl mouth: Oranges or lemons can help. Eating more of these fruits will cause you to salivate. Saliva has natural components for fighting bacteria that can cause bad breath. Home remedies and natural cure app: Tongue scraping should be done in addition to brushing your teeth to dislodge bacterial growth that can cause fowl odors of the mouth. Use a stainless steel spoon and from back to front scrape top and sides of tongue several times. You can also get special spoons for tongue scraping.

Essential oil remedies to freshen breath: Peppermint, spearmint, and lemon can be mixed together and all natural, refreshing mouth rinse. Add a few drops of this oil mixture to a glass of water and gargle and rinse well. Don`t swallow. Eating tips to keep your breath fresh: Eat small meals every few hours rather than one or two big meals a day and drink green tea and water throughout the day. This will keep the mouth from getting dry and will produce germ-killing saliva.

More home remedies for bad breath: Cinnamon is an extremely useful natural source of healing. Among it'uses, it is a natural breath. Home made toothpaste: Take baking soda, cinnamon, plus a couple of drops of tea tree oil and just enough distilled water to make a natural toothpaste that protects your teeth and fights bad breath.